TTS Offshore Handling Equipment - Helideck Control

TTS-Offshore Handling Equipment AS with CDP active roll compensation helideck control 

TTS-OHE has made a helicopter landing deck control system with active roll compensation. The control 
system is CDP-based.


CDP is used to control the deck movement for wave compensation, in order to ensure gentle landing in wave conditions 
that would previously made landing impossible.
The decks are mounted on seismic vessels “Ramform Sovereign” and “Ramform Sterling“ belonging to Petroleum Geo 
Services ASA.
The control system has numerous safety features, such as redundancy, event logging and communication with vessel 
The landing platform is now certified by DnV (Det norske Veritas) for landing in sea-states much worse than on a 
standard helideck. This ensures that the vessel can operate at sea longer and get crew or spare parts delivered by air, 
making port calls unnecessary.