Rolls Royce Marine

Rolls-Royce Marine AS with CDP as all-encompassing control system platform 

Rolls-Royce Marine delivers systems to a multitude of advanced vessels. This includes control system for 
navigation, propulsion, handling, maneuvering, tank leveling, anti-roll systems and more. All control 
systems are CDP-based.

CDP is used as the platform for all systems. This ensure that control system integration is very easy, since signals from 
CDP-based systems are available throughout the network and signals from external equipment can easily be integrated 
by using some of the many protocols supported by CDP.
CDP is currently the basis for somewhat above 1500 control systems delived by Rolls-Royce Marine alone. Many of these 
systems have been in operation for many years, running on rugged but affordable hardware. CDP systems do not 
require any special hardware and can use ordinary network cables or a multitude of industrial bus systems.
The control system has numerous safety features, such as redundancy, event logging and communication with vessel 
subsystems. By reusing components Rolls-Royce Marine can deploy a new configuration of prequalified software 
components. Setting up a complete alarm system for a large and complicated vessel is now done in a matter of a few 
Rolls-Royce Marine DP1 and DP2 (dynamic positioning) systems are safety-critical, able to keep the vessels stationary at 
a few meters interval while servicing oil installations even in adverse weather conditions. Rolls-Royce Marine relies 
heavily on the communication platform and safety functions of the CDP software. According to their own statement, 
delivering their systems would not be possible without the supporting subsystems of the CDP software.