Control Systems

Industrial Control Design AS develops and delivers control systems based on customer specification. Combine the proven reliability and exceptional performance of the CDP with our teams’ know-how and understanding of end-user specific challenges. 

Over the years ICD has delivered a number of real-time control systems for use in different industries and in harsh environments based on the Control Design Platform - CDP. ICD delivers control system technology to industries such as Maritime, Marine, Oil & Gas and Process Industry.


When choosing Industrial Control Design AS you also choose quality, knowledge and experience. We are proud to offer state of the art Control Systems technology. Our Software technology can be used within all industries where advanced control systems are needed.


ICD delivers both standardized as well as customer specific control systems including software, hardware (from any supplier), electrical design, assembly, testing and commissioning as well as service and after-market.


Why control systems by Industrial Control Design AS? 

  • We know real-time control system technology
  • We understand the customer needs
  • We have developed control systems for the most harsh and demanding environments
  • We are hardware independent